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Ali's Training for the Best Bottom!




Ali's Training for the Best Bottom!

Alison Cooper

Ali’s Best Bottom Routine - 1

Glutes (buttock muscles)- the inside and outside (quite literally)!

Do you ever admire someone else's bottom? One that looks great in jeans, shorts, lycra, a skirt, bikini - basically anything. Pause for a mo and picture the perfect peach! There is nothing better than a fit, healthy bottom - to look at and to own!  I was once told that you can tell how fit someone is by their bottom - seriously! I’m not being crude. Not only does it give you great confidence but above all a fit bottom will give you the correct power to perform in your sport, activity or daily living. It will hold your pelvis level and steady, extend your hips, propel you forward, and keep your torso, pelvis and legs in correct alignment. Weak glutes can cause many problems and often the abdominals, back and leg muscles can be disproportionately stronger if you don't do specific glute exercises.

I don't want to give you an in-depth lesson and bore you on the muscles of the bottom but I do want to help you get the best looking bottom you can - both on the inside to prevent injury and weakness, and on the outside to look great!

My Best Bottom Routine 1 in the following video is a series of exercises that work by isolating the glutes, this will not only give you a gorgeous looking bottom but if performed regularly as part of an exercise program will help prevent many weaknesses such as achillies tendinitis, shinsplints, knee pain, IT band syndrome, back problems and many more. 

When is it best to do this routine?

I drop these type of exercises into my gym sessions, Pilates and circuit classes, after running/biking walking and whenever I feel the need. Ideally you could aim to do these 3 x a week as part of your training session. Please make sure you are warm first. I have prepared a quick warm up video for the legs and bottom to do first if you aren't incorporating it into a routine - Legs Warm Up Video.

Over the coming months I will do variations of these exercise in case you get bored of the same routine. But give them a go and let me know how you get on by leaving your comments.

Good luck and enjoy getting a perfect peach both inside and out!