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Blood Testing & Profiling

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Blood Testing & Profiling

Do you want to know your blood profile?

We now offer a bespoke blood testing service so you get a comprehensive overview of what is happening inside your body. The effort and investment spent on beauty, fitness, nutrition and diet is so important but we wanted to give clients the extra information to manage their total health and wellness. One of our specific blood tests takes you a step closer by looking at what is actually happening inside the body and analysing how healthy the blood is. From the results, specific lifestyle changes can be made to improve your health.

From a small blood sample taken at the clinic, biological markers “biomarkers” can be analysed in the blood and interventions in diet, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle can be made to improve your health. We have a team of professionals on hand to help: GP, Registered Dietician, Personal Trainer and a Nurse. 

Your blood sample is taken and the blood is sent to our lab, results reviewed by our experts and then within five working days a report will be sent back to you highlighting your personal blood profile. You will be advised if there are any deficiencies that need further intervention medically or by lifestyle changes in nutrition, diet, rest and training.

We have partnered with a private UKAS accredited commercial pathology company, accredited to ISO 9002 standards to process all our blood tests. 

A further consultation can be arranged with one of our experts or you can take your results to your own GP.


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Lifestyle Blood Test   £115

What is tested?

Full Blood Count, Biochemistry Profile, Thyroid Function, Liver Function, Cholesterol, Iron,

Vitamin B12, Lipid Profile, Glucose, Kidney Health,  Inflammation markers


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Lifestyle Plus     £180

What is tested? 

As Lifestyle but with:

Vit D Magnesium Vitamin B9 (Folate)

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Lifestyle Advanced Blood Test    

What is tested? (Individual price on request depending on hormones tested)

As Lifestyle Plus but with:

Cortisol, Zinc, HbA1c (Diabetes), 

Female hormones (for female), PSA (for males) and metabolic hormones