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Cardio (CC)


(Consistent Cardio)

My favourite section! I'm calling this CC - because consistency is the only way. Cardio has to be built into your weekly schedule for you to benefit on all levels of health.  I love getting people cardio vascular (CV) fit, and it can be hard when you first set off on a journey of fitness. But once you start getting through the first few sessions the highs will outweigh the lows and you will never want to go back to being 'unfit' again. Whatever level you are starting at, I hope to share some inspiration, plans, helpful ideas to help you succeed.  These will be from a selection of written plans, schedules and video's. 

Ideally aim for a minimum of 3 x 30mins per week using the workouts from this CARDIO section, 3 of these must be specific and 2 can be easy sessions; and alongside the 9 x 10 min mini workouts you will do from the other sections (Legs, Arms, Abs & Back, Bum).

Obviously the amount you cardio train changes depending on your current fitness schedule, fitness goals and what you are aiming for. I come from a background based on running/CV training at least 5 x per week.  

My Youtube workouts will be categorised under 4 main headings (body parts): Legs, Bum, Arms, Abs & Back. There will be another category specifically for Cardio. There are also some warm up, stretching and other specific videos.