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My Youtube workouts will be categorised and under 4 main headings (body parts): Legs, Bum, Arms, Abs & Back. There will be another category specifically for Cardio. There are also some warm up, stretching and other specific videos.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses when working out -  but using my workout system you will make sure you hit every part for an all over body conditioning fitness. If there is a weakness or a troubled area of the body that you need to work on then hit it with the Bonus video of your choice,

Each workout will be approx. 10 mins and ideally you will pick 3 videos to do 3 x per week e.g. Legs, Arms, Bum (30 mins total). If you are short on time then do 2 workouts (20 mins) or 1 (10 mins). But remember - 2 workouts from each of the 4 body part sections per week plus a bonus video workout each week.

You will get to know which are your favourite routines and I will add more variations to each category as the weeks go on to stop you getting bored and to keep stimulating those muscles!

The aim is to do 2 of each category/body part per week (8 videos) plus 1 bonus one! 4 body parts x 2 = 8, plus an extra bonus video of your choice. Total of 9 x 10min workouts per week. 

The Cardio section is just as important to do at least 3 x per week. Cardio is my personal favourite and I love helping people improve their CV fitness and make it part of their life.